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FRIENDS - TOP 30 Laugh Out Loud Moments 2 years ago

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TOP 30 Laugh Out Loud Moments from FRIENDS

30- Phoebe's bag
29- Joey protects "Ross" (he's really protecting his sandwich)
28- Rachel kisses Ross while doing laundry
27- Chandler tells Rachel that Ross loves her
26- Phoebe talks about her roommate Denise
25- Joey teaches actors how to dance
24- Phoebe seeing an old Christmas tree being "killed"
23- Chandler, Monica and Phoebe listen to Ross and Charlie and Rachel and Joey through the hotel's wall in Barbados
22- Joey gets scared at the turkey on Monica's head
21- Phoebe fight her fire alarma
20- TOW they play american football
19- Ross' leather pants
18- Joey and Rachel can't take Ross out of their heads while kissing in Barbados
17- Ross and Ben play a prank on Rachel
16- Chandler gets his hat back from the bullies at Central Perk
15- Rachel and Monica dancing at Ross' college party
14- Ryan is scared at Phoebe's face covered with chicken pox
13- Monica and Rachel fight over Gladys/Rachel scares Joey with Gladys
12- Rachel finds naked picture of Monica and thinks it belongs to Joey ("He has a naked picture of Monica, he takes naked pictures of us, then he eats chicken and then he looks at them")
11- Ross and Charlie make out in Barbados

TOP 10
10- Ross and Monica tell each other's secrets to their parents on Thanksgiving
9- Joey's face's covered in jam
8- Phoebe yells at Monica on her wedding rehearsal
7- Chandler breaks Monica's wedding china
6- Phoebe can't put her sweater on
5- Paolo's cat jumps on Ross' back
4- Phoebe drops all the lottery tickets on the street
3- Ross plays bagpipes and Phoebe "sings" along
2- Phoebe plays pacman and swears in front of Ben
1- Monica and Ross dance "The Routine"