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ONE & ONLY DIAMOND CROSSING in INDIA : Special Coverage : Pantograph UP - DOWN : Vidarbha Express 1 year ago

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Indian Railways : Diamond Crossing at Nagpur : 12106 / Vidarbha SF Express hauled by AJNI WAP7 #30268 goes over this famous spot at Nagpur (CR)

The cross-over structure is sometimes called a diamond junction or diamond crossing in reference to the diamond-shaped center. The two tracks need not necessarily be of the same gauge. A diamond crossing is also used as a component of a double junction, like the one illustrated on the right.

At Nagpur, India which is called the Diamond Crossing by the local Railway authorities. The diamond Crossing at Nagpur is a unique marvel of engineering that exists in very few places in the World. Nagpur is where trunk railway lines running from Kolkata in the Eastern end of India to Mumbai in the Western end, and the one from Delhi in the Northern end to Chennai and other places in the southern end cross. Nagpur in fact is the geographical Centre of the Indian subcontinent. The double lines crossing from the North to the South and those from East to West form a square shape and is called the diamond crossing. It is crucial and is used widely. The people who operate the lines are ever vigilant.

The 12105/12106 Vidarbha Express is a super fast express train belonging to Indian Railways that runs between Mumbai CST and Gondia in Maharashtra. It is a daily service. It operates as train number 12105 from Mumbai CST to Gondia and as train number 12106 in the reverse direction.

Location : Nagpur (CR), Maharashtra, INDIA

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