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WWE Top 10 : BEST WrestleMania 34 Entrances 4 months ago

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Hey everyone!! Thank sooo much for 400 subs!! I'm sooo happy really.😍💋
⚠⚠In the begining it should say My top 10
Okay....Charlotte BROKE Asuka's streak OMG!!😱I was so happy and shocked in that moment. Dangg! Also Seth won the IC title that was so GREAT.😆 And my IDOL The Undertaker destroyed John Cena ahahaha. WrestleMania was full of surprises and good moments. And did you think of WM? Also did you enjoy last night's RAW? Ember debuted and Jeff Hardy and Bobby Lashley are baack!!❤
Also #ThankYouPaige such a great wrestler. 4 years ago she became Divas Champion 4 years later she retires! Such a sad moment.😥
So in this vid I show you the best WM 34 entrances in my opinion. But you can tell me which one was your fav.❤
- I don't own the song (New Orleans by Kid Rock)
- I don't own the clips (They belong to their rightful owners)
Thanks for watching and again thanks for the 400 subs Love youuu😘😘💋